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Велобахилы Garneau H2O II цвет 020

Код товара: 41918

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For those cool days when rain forces you to cover your shoes, the H2O 2 knows no equal. This shoe cover offers extreme protection from torrential downpours. The bottom of the shoe is almost entirely covered while the top repels water and also blocks wind. 

  • Cuff: Neoprene cuff: better fit and prevents infiltrations
  • Under Sole: 2 openings with textured neoprene and reinforced rubber for enhanced durability
  • Opening: Rear opening: Seam-sealed zipper for easy slip on
  • Shoe Cover Visibility Features: HiViz 360
  • Shoe Cover Fabric : ISO LITE WR: Protection in temperate rainy conditions - FLEECE LINING


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